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Waffle Iron Day!

When it comes to breakfast foods, waffles play a close second to french toast on my favorites scale.  As a kid, my dad had a waffle iron that he spent hours standing over to make our family a breakfast (or lunch or dinner) of – yes, simply waffles.  Who needs eggs or bacon when you have one hot waffle after another coming to your plate?



Everyone has their favorite foods, and every kitchen is filled with gadgets to make and create those favorites, but have you taken a look at just how many kitchen gadgets you own?  If your kitchen is one of those places in your home that always feels crowded, and it’s hard to clean up because your cabinets and shelves are filled with the “but I might need it” items, today is your day to stop… and select one item you truly never use (or could borrow from a friend if you actually needed it) to toss in your donate bin!


Clearing out can be overwhelming when you think of tackling a whole house or business at once, so a key to unlocking your potential is to pause in your daily routine and look at what’s in front of you for a moment long enough to pull out what you can send to a new home.


For my home, I’d keep the waffle iron, but maybe I don’t need two egg separators…  What are you clearing out today?