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Unwrapping Homes for Your New Presents

If you’re like me, the holidays went far too quickly and gifts are still scattered under the drying Christmas tree (that’s definitely coming down this weekend).

finding homes for presents

But back to those presents. When the fun of wrapping and unwrapping is over, the paper has been recycled, extra bows boxed up for next year, and the items for immediate use put away, there’s always a remaining pile of goodies that need a home.

But who has time to think about what to do with these gifts? Finding homes for presents can be challenging, so I’m here to make the task easier for you!

This year I celebrated Christmas with a baby for the first time, which was delightful, but keeping up with a 4 month old is time consuming and I only have small pockets of time for housekeeping. Now, I also have to find homes for his presents as well as my own… I’m not complaining(!) as I love gift giving, this just means less time, more put-away.

Finding Homes for Presents Tip

Are you also short on time to put the gifts away? Tip #1: grab a couple of empty boxes or baskets and group items for each room of the house into their own box. When you have a few spare minutes grab one box and head to the room where those items will belong. If the item replaces something old, put the old item in the box for donating or tossing.
It might take a week to get through all the boxes, but then you’ll be done! Breaking down the task of finding homes for new presents, from one to ninety-two items, makes it manageable.

Finding Present Homes with Kids

kids bedroom home for new presents
Tip #2: If you have kids, engage them in this process. They’ll be glad to know where to find their new toys. This also will make your life easier when they don’t have to ask over and over where their new whatcha-ma-gadget is located.
Don’t forget. The same trade-out idea applies to kids items, too. If a gift is something they already have, consider replacing, rather than adding-to their collection of toys or clothes. As long as the older item is still in functional or nice condition talk through what it would be like to donate the item(s) with each child.

Set A Deadline for the Present Win

Tip #3: If you find the baskets or boxes with new items are still sitting around, give yourself a deadline to get it done. You’ll also want to give yourself a reward for completing the project by the deadline!
Have any tips for finding homes for presents? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Still stuck and need help getting this done? Let’s talk!

7 Items You Can Clear Out Today

Items to Clear Out in 5 minutesHere in Pennsylvania, we’re adjusting to the change of post-summer schedules and the coming of fall. If you’re like me, time is often tight, but you’re ready to refresh your home — probably to make space for some new fall decorations =D. While your kids are having an afternoon snack, dinner is in the oven, or you’re folding laundry, grab a bag or box and follow this list for some quick decluttering!


  1. Water Bottles: They come in fun colors, are given out at events, and take up a lot of space. Pick your top favorites and donate the rest.
  2. Mugs: They make awesome gifts, but they also stack up quickly. Set aside a lovely set or pick your top favorites (hint: probably those out on the counter or in the sink) and donate the rest.
  3. Sunscreen: If you live in an area where fall is coming, now is the time to check the expiration date, and toss any empty/expired bottles, or those that will expire by next summer. Pro Tip – put a reminder on your calendar for next March to buy a new bottle or two.
  4. Shorts or Sleeveless Tops: Any change in the seasons is a great time to pull out a couple of items you rarely or never wore the past season and bag them up to toss, or donate if still in good shape.
  5. Hangers: If they’re broken, the wrong type, or simply not serving your clothes well anymore, toss them and get a new set.
  6. Pens and Pencils: Next time you’re re-watching a movie, pull all the pens and pencils out of your junk drawer, grab a sheet of scrap paper and give them a quick test. Might want to have a pencil sharpener and trash bag on hand.
  7. DVD’s: Speaking of re-watching . . . skim through your DVD shelf and there’s a good chance you’ll find a few you really don’t need anymore. Go ahead, toss them into that donation bin you’re filling up.


Bonus Pro Tips:

  • Start with the easiest one on the list for you, and work your way towards the harder, often sentimental, ones. The momentum you’ll achieve from the quick and easy items will give you the boost to attack the more difficult.
  • Have fun!
  • When you’re finished, take a moment to appreciate what you’ve accomplished!

Waffle Iron Day!

When it comes to breakfast foods, waffles play a close second to french toast on my favorites scale.  As a kid, my dad had a waffle iron that he spent hours standing over to make our family a breakfast (or lunch or dinner) of – yes, simply waffles.  Who needs eggs or bacon when you have one hot waffle after another coming to your plate?



Everyone has their favorite foods, and every kitchen is filled with gadgets to make and create those favorites, but have you taken a look at just how many kitchen gadgets you own?  If your kitchen is one of those places in your home that always feels crowded, and it’s hard to clean up because your cabinets and shelves are filled with the “but I might need it” items, today is your day to stop… and select one item you truly never use (or could borrow from a friend if you actually needed it) to toss in your donate bin!


Clearing out can be overwhelming when you think of tackling a whole house or business at once, so a key to unlocking your potential is to pause in your daily routine and look at what’s in front of you for a moment long enough to pull out what you can send to a new home.


For my home, I’d keep the waffle iron, but maybe I don’t need two egg separators…  What are you clearing out today?