7 Items You Can Clear Out Today

Items to Clear Out in 5 minutesHere in Pennsylvania, we’re adjusting to the change of post-summer schedules and the coming of fall. If you’re like me, time is often tight, but you’re ready to refresh your home — probably to make space for some new fall decorations =D. While your kids are having an afternoon snack, dinner is in the oven, or you’re folding laundry, grab a bag or box and follow this list for some quick decluttering!


  1. Water Bottles: They come in fun colors, are given out at events, and take up a lot of space. Pick your top favorites and donate the rest.
  2. Mugs: They make awesome gifts, but they also stack up quickly. Set aside a lovely set or pick your top favorites (hint: probably those out on the counter or in the sink) and donate the rest.
  3. Sunscreen: If you live in an area where fall is coming, now is the time to check the expiration date, and toss any empty/expired bottles, or those that will expire by next summer. Pro Tip – put a reminder on your calendar for next March to buy a new bottle or two.
  4. Shorts or Sleeveless Tops: Any change in the seasons is a great time to pull out a couple of items you rarely or never wore the past season and bag them up to toss, or donate if still in good shape.
  5. Hangers: If they’re broken, the wrong type, or simply not serving your clothes well anymore, toss them and get a new set.
  6. Pens and Pencils: Next time you’re re-watching a movie, pull all the pens and pencils out of your junk drawer, grab a sheet of scrap paper and give them a quick test. Might want to have a pencil sharpener and trash bag on hand.
  7. DVD’s: Speaking of re-watching . . . skim through your DVD shelf and there’s a good chance you’ll find a few you really don’t need anymore. Go ahead, toss them into that donation bin you’re filling up.


Bonus Pro Tips:

  • Start with the easiest one on the list for you, and work your way towards the harder, often sentimental, ones. The momentum you’ll achieve from the quick and easy items will give you the boost to attack the more difficult.
  • Have fun!
  • When you’re finished, take a moment to appreciate what you’ve accomplished!

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