About Angela

Angela Commiskey, MPA
Master Key Organizing, LLC
Founder and Professional Organizer

Angela started organizing, so the story goes, “playing shopping at the sewing store,” when she took her mom’s desk drawer full of sewing tools, grouped like items, and sorted the threads in color order… she was 3 years old.(*1 – yes, this is a footnote!) As an elementary school student, she played for hours with her “sticker book” sorting and re-sorting the stickers by category to determine the best layout.(2)  By middle and high school she was organizing her friends rooms, the files on her family’s computer so everyone could find “their stuff,” and was working part-time for a small business handling their inventory and database.

After high school Angela pursued a trade – sewing & costuming – which turned into a small business making reproduction women’s clothing (think Jane Austen or Civil War hoopskirts), dance costumes, and she also taught sewing, fashion, and costume design classes (Fashion It Sewing!).(3)  Year after year, the sewing clients and parents of students would enter the sewing studio and be in awe of the layout and organization of the space; many asked if she would come help their home!

A detour was taken in pursuit of a BA in American Studies (think: the history of our stuff – jazz music, architecture styles, tombstones, etc.) and MPA in Public/Nonprofit Administration (think: the people who run your local park events, homeless shelters, etc.) all while she phased out the sewing business.(4)

Most recently, she’s worked as a Salesforce Consultant (implementing Salesforce, and creating tools for client success) at a tech company providing services to nonprofits, and at local nonprofits as an Administrative Director, Communications & Development Assistant and Program Coordinator (organizing digital files, data, and/or papers, and creating productivity systems, among other responsibilities).(5) But it’s not all about the tasks! Angela has loved working with seniors, staff at historic homes, homeless shelters and food banks, and ministry leaders, to provide them with the best service and support.

Her biggest pursuit, to date, occurred after her wedding … sorting her and her husband’s combined collection of 700+ books into a 600 sq ft apartment (plus the comic figures, historic costumes, movies, and, oh yeah, food).(6)

(Ah, footnotes, my old friend, and a great way to call out important tips!)

1. One organizing technique is to pull all like-items out into a pile to see what you have, remove what you no longer need, and then find the best place for the remaining items.

2. Here I learned that there’s no “right way” to organize.  Every situation is different!

3. I love working with people and their hands-on projects!

4. What can I say? I love to learn and gained important connections while in college.

5. This means I bring you a listening ear, technology suggestions, and productivity tips!

6. Need to fit a lot of items in a small space?  Getting married?  Downsizing?  Moving?  I’m ready to help!

NAPO Salesforce certifications

Fun facts unlocked by the Master Key:

  • Angela grew up roller skating as much as she organized.

  • At one point Angela had at least one reproduction dress from [almost] every decade between the 1770s-1950s

  • Angela’s favorite museum: Lowell National Historical Park, specifically Boott Cotton Mills.  Experiencing the feel and sound of just a few machines partially running is an incredible way to imagine what it was like for the characters she loves in [one of] her favorite movie(s) North & South (based on the book by Elizabeth Gaskell).

  • Family and friends are so important! Angela is thankful to live near so many relatives (and the best in-laws)!