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In Celebration of Waffle Iron Day

by Angela Commiskey - Founder, Master Key Organizing, LLC

When it comes to breakfast foods, waffles play a close second to french toast on my favorites scale. And you thought this was a blog about organizing ; )

Yes, Waffle Iron Day is a thing, it's celebrated annually on June 29th. Learning this struck my fancy because when I was a kid, my dad had a waffle iron that he spent hours standing over to make our family a breakfast (or lunch or dinner) of - yes, simply waffles. Who needs eggs or bacon when you have one hot waffle after another delivered to your plate?

That amazing little kitchen gadget had a home in the cabinet next to the cereal boxes. Everything my dad owns has a home (except perhaps paper). Although I am innately organized, see Our Story for more on that, a lot of what I know was shared with me by my awesome parents. My dad's favorite line is: "why set it down here when you can put it away in almost the same amount of time?"

Sigh. It can be so much harder to put something away, especially if the item's home is difficult to access. Do you, too, struggle to get things put away? Ok, so this is a blog about organizing.

Whether it's your kitchen, garage, or another space in your home or office, put-away time is so much easier when there isn't too much stuff for the space.

Clearing out can be overwhelming, however, when you think of tackling a whole house or business at once, so a key to unlocking your potential is to pause in your daily routine and look at what’s in front of you for a moment that's just long enough to pull out what you can send to a new home.

In my kitchen, I’ll make a home for gadgets like my Pizzelle Press and my husband's coffee grinder, but maybe I don’t need two egg separators . . . What are you clearing out today?